Notes for the upcoming season

Posted on: October 13, 2014

Please note the following:

Dressing Rooms

Note that Seddon Fields have shared facilities on Thursdays and Saturdays.

On this basis, we have opted to use the away dressing rooms, just around the corner from where we normally use where there is less likelihood of intrusion. We will mark these as Auckland GAA but be aware they are officially shared. Please bring all gear with you during game time on Thursdays and Saturdays.

On Sundays, we can change in either changing rooms.


On Sundays we have use of the bar as normal and get a % of the overall takings which go towards AGAA continued development.

On Thursdays and Saturdays, we have to share the entire facility. Western Springs has a fairly old system so no likelhood of programming it to split our takings v others. On this basis, we have agreed to use the right hand till only so there is a clear line drawn between what % we get and don’t get. If we use the left till, we will be only benefitting Western Springs. Note that takings from the bar is one of the biggest earners we currently have on a yearly basis and is what we have based the registration fees on so we encourage you all to consider this.

Note that there are events on at Seddon Fields on most Saturdays so would like all members to note that exit by 6pm on the relevant dates highlighted in the attached.

Set up

As before, the home team for the first game sets up and the home team in the last game takes down. We encourage teams to help each other out, particularly on Thursdays.

Having a look around Seddon Fields last night, we consider that we are the only organisation that takes down and puts up nets. We will confirm in the next week whether WSAFC considers this a high or low risk and proceed on that basis.

Set up and take down is
– Nets (awaiting confirmation from WSAFC)
– Flags
– Gazebo
– Subs chairs

The gear will be stored on site at Seddon Fields. The onus is on the team setting up to get the keys off Dean during the week.

The onus is on the last home team to give the keys back to Dean after.

It would make sense for each home team to contact each other during the week and organise this process for Game Day. We don’t want a scenario where “someone” from “Team X” has the key “somewhere”.


Each match official will have use of a reserved parking spot on the left hand side on Sundays.

As we share the facility on Thursdays and Saturdays, this is not an option.