M-Factor – Upcoming Marist Fundraiser

Posted on: October 13, 2014

Hey folks,

As you may have heard recently, we are going to hold a fundraiser on the 8th of November in The Munster Inn which will be based on the ‘X Factor’ theme or as we’re going to call it the ‘M Factor’.

The way we are going to try and structure this is by trying to put together around 8-10 groups made up from all our own Marist club members, friends and partners to sing on the night.

First of all, some of us are probably saying ah jaysus sure I can’t sing! Don’t worry about it because the the main aim of this night is to have a laugh with each other and make ejits of ourselves!

To get yourselves up and running try getting organised into groups of 3/4/5 to start with, then think of a band/song that you like and will involve getting a few fancy dress ideas in your head! The more laughs you can give to the audience the better! For example, if the hurlers put a group together trying to be 50cent and co, called themselves the Harlem Hurlers and dressed up like they were straight out of the hood, that’s what we’re after.

We will also have some mystery judges in house on the night to give their opinions and throw a bit of banter into the mix. We are also in the process of confirming are compere to hold the stage over the nights madness and will inform you all very soon.

To try and help people with ideas etc for getting sorted with a group/song, Sarah Mc Nally, Evelyn and myself are available to help everyone out and make it a great nights craic.

This is just to get the ball rolling on things and get the word out there, we can have a chat about it at training and over the weekend too.