Marist Ladies v SPEC- 29-Oct-15

This game was originally scheduled for 29th Oct but SPEC graciously allowed us to postpone until 12th Nov

Our Marist Ladies took on a strong SPEC team tonight at Seddon Fields. Space in the changing room was at a premium as a squad of 26 ladies lined out for action. Kieran Marnane took the girls through a rigorous warm up and had them as fired up as an inferno in a fireworks factory as they took to the field. There may have been dark skies and thunder in the skies but the only lightening on show was in the Marist attack as we raced into an early 3 point lead. SPEC were finding it hard to breakdown our defence which was as tight as the back end of a duck. At half time we held a lead of 0-8 to 1-2 with some work still to do.
The second half turned into a war of attrition with scores hard to come by and injuries taking their toll. The decisive score came for SPEC through a penalty in the 50th minute which gave them a 1 point victory on a final score of 0-9 to 2-4. Although it was a bitter defeat there are just under 4 weeks before we meet again in the championship and competition for places should make for some fierce training between now and then….

Ciara Murphy, Rose Harnish, Karen Hughes, Karen Adair, Irene Petau, Shiralee Lamb, Emer Loughran, Makiko Akita, Dympna Walsh, Aislynn Rogers, Paula Kenneally, Paula O’Shea, Debbie Carroll, Michaela Higgins, Sarah McNally, Michelle Teau, Alex O’Malley, Sinead Conroy, SinĂ©ad Dolan, Becca Thompson, Deirdre O Riordan, AnneMarie Broderick, Louise Donovan, Amy Fox